For anyone that is looking for a well planned and an exceptional financial report, you can place your trust with Best Advice Financial representatives. We have access to some of the best financial planners from various institutions and they are always ready to assist you on building your financial dreams.What is Financial Planning?You can think of Financial Planning as a multi-faceted process involving the acquisition, retention, and disposal of assets throughout your lifetime. It is difficult to manage this whole process by yourself especially if you cannot afford the time or lack the expertise to do so. You have the option to seek the help of a Certified Financial Planner to guide you in your planning process and to give you sound advice. In general, there are 6 steps that you should follow:

  • Set objectives: What are your financial needs now and in the future? How will these needs change?
  • Prepare a net worth statement: A comparison of your personal assets and liabilities.
  • Monthly cash flow: Is your financial plan on target?
  • Assess your risk management program: Are you protected against the possibility of a sudden loss of your property, income, or life?
  • Capital accumulation: Once your cash flow and risk management are on target, you can begin the accumulation of capital.
  • Estate and retirement planning: To ensure a prosperous retirement and conservation of your estate.

A good financial plan should consider short term and long term financial goals to plan for family security and retirement. By working on your plan each month and making the necessary adjustments along the way, you will build towards a retirement that’s as financially secure as it is personally satisfying. There are many issues that consumers are generally not aware of regarding estate planning and capital accumulation for long term financial planning.

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