Protecting your health is important and health insurance helps ensure you and your family are financially protected against unexpected illness or injury. Cancer, heart attacks and strokes are the top three illness causing death, and a Critical Illness Insurance can protect you against the financial burdens of these circumstances. Find out all about our health products, the benefits they provide, and how you can buy them and more. If you are looking for medical, dental and vision care for individuals or families, Medical Insurance is the product for you!

Critical Illness Insurance
Receive a tax-free lump sum benefit when you are diagnosed with a critical illness. Our product covers 20 illnesses including cancer, heart attack, stroke and bypass surgery. We’re here for you when you need it most so that you can concentrate on recovering your health, and regaining control over your life.

Disability Insurance
You are your own most important asset.  Protect your income with disability insurance, because you are irreplaceable. Suitable for all classes of occupations. Premium refund available. Our product can include accident disability and sickness disability.

Medical Insurance
Benefits the whole family can use including medical, dental and vision care. It is vital to stay in good health and regular maintenance and check-ups can help ensure that. You won’t be able to enjoy the goodness of life without your health. Make sure your everyday needs are covered. Get your medical insurance today!