As an investor, you want to seek the best returns, but you are also looking for financial security. Whether you opt for a higher return or take a more cautious approach, we have  products to help you build the portfolio that suits you best. We have a variety of products ranging from mutual funds, segregated funds to other alternative investment vehicles.

Mutual Funds
A popular choice for Canadians to invest their money. We have a great selection from many different well-known and reputable companies.

Segregated Funds
If you would like to invest in mutual funds but are afraid of taking big risks, this may be the solution for you. Get equal access to a variety of investment choices with an added security cushion to protect your money.Alternative Investments
Explore other investment options such as Principal Guaranteed with Alternative Investments, Guaranteed Interest Funds (GICs) and Annuities.

Universal Life Policies
An insurance policy that also gives you investment returns. You can choose between Index Accounts, Guaranteed Interest Accounts funds.

Loan Services
We offer competitive rates for loans such as RRSP loans and mortgage referrals. Ask us today!