You can enjoy your well deserved vacation without having to worry about your family back home. It also offers medical convenience should you require assistance abroad. This is suitable for Canadians traveling abroad, for citizens traveling abroad, for non-Canadians traveling to Canada, for new immigrants, and for students studying abroad.

Travel InsuranceSickness or accidental injury can happen at any time. Charges for hospital stays can be thousands of dollars per day, not including doctor’s fees and diagnostic services. This easily adds up to a devastating financial loss and increase in debt. Other mishaps like replacing lost or stolen baggage, or buying a one-way ticket because of a missed return date, can ruin your holiday.Coverage is different for each plan. To find out what the medical coverage is, please contact one of our agents.  Travel insurance is intended to cover sudden, unexpected, and unforeseeable circumstances.Emergency Hospital and Medical Benefits include:


  • Out-of-Pocket Allowance
  • Family Transportation
  • Return of Family Member
  • Escort of Insured Children
  • Return of Vehicle or Watercraft
  • Return of Accompanying Dog or Cat
  • Return of Deceased
  • Accidental Dental
  • Dental Emergencies
  • Air Ambulance

Optional Plans include:

  • Baggage coverage
  • Accidental Death and Disablement
  • Air Flight Accident
  • Trip Interruption
  • Rental Car Colliion Damage Protection